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Benefits of Board Portals for Nonprofits

Concern: Nonprofits operate on limited funds, making it difficult for them to invest in a board management software. Some boards believe that using a digital solution is unnecessary since their organization is not generating revenue but rather serves a social purpose. However, nonprofit boards must consider the benefits that an efficient portal can bring to simplify their meetings and effectively communicate.

A top nonprofit board management software comes with various functions which make it easy to schedule and organize meetings, create the board pack and distribute the materials, and conduct live meeting sessions. It also allows directors to take notes or add annotations prior to the meeting, record live board meetings using audio and video, and share minutes afterwards. Additionally, they can sync their calendars, and use the platform to work with one another on a task. The best portals also provide security features that protect data from breaches and theft. Govenda, for example, offers the option of remote wipes and a permanent purge, which means that if a device is lost or stolen or an employee quits the company, sensitive information will not be compromised.

A well-designed nonprofit board portal will allow users to access it via any browser, on any device (including mobile devices) and on any device. It also integrates with well-known tools such as video conferencing apps and digital signature providers to strengthen engagement. Some provide customer service 24 hours a day without waiting in queues.