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Certified Secure Cloud Software Certifications

With increasing data breaches there’s no reason to wonder why professionals are seeking out certified secure cloud software. These certifications can help professionals advance their career and meet the demand of employers for security-conscious employees. There are so many options available it can be difficult to decide which certifications are the best fit for their requirements.

To pursue this type of certification, it is necessary to build a foundation of IT and cybersecurity expertise. This can be accomplished by online courses, bootcamps, or even the completion of a degree. Professionals can then pick the specific areas of their future work.

For instance when they’re planning to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification, they’ll demonstrate their knowledge of security concepts, architecture and design, cloud computing operations, and cloud security for data. Additionally, those who are interested in working with the cloud infrastructure leader can earn the Amazon Web Services Certified Security Specialty certification. The certification focuses on access and identity, data and infrastructure, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Another option is to go for the GIAC Security Automation certificate (GCSA). This cert focuses on the integration of security into DevOps and find more is an ideal choice for software developers and architects who work in a cloud-based environment. It covers cloud security fundamentals as well as various monitoring tools that can be automated and used across DevOps. Visit this GCSA page to find out more.