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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Board Reports

The report of your board will keep Learn More Here about boardable board portal review your board members informed of the major events that have transpired since the last board meeting. A well-written and concise board report will enhance the overall performance of your organization and enable you to deliver the best results possible for your customers.

Making a top-performing board report that your stakeholders will love is a major challenge for many businesses. A poorly written board report could lead to poor decision-making, confusion and an absence of clarity regarding the direction your organization takes. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your reports to the board are effective and efficient.

Not incorporating a thorough executive summary The executive summary is a crucial part of your board report. It provides details and key takeaways from every slide of your report, allowing your board members to easily comprehend and absorb the information you’re presenting.

Do not present only positive news: Only presenting positive information in your board reports could mislead the board and influence their decision-making. A good board report should always be honest and include both successes and mistakes for a balanced, well-rounded assessment.

Failing to include reports from committees by not mentioning the status of different committees in your report, you will keep your board members updated on the most recent developments, as well as any issues that might arise.

Visuals are crucial: Your board members will be more engaged with your report when you include infographics, photos, and tables. The human brain is more at processing visual information than text alone, so make sure to include some form of visualisation in your board reports.