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How to Choose the Right Board Member

The appropriate board member can make significant contributions to the success of your company. The board of directors represents the interests of your business, and their actions can have a significant impact on the work you’re doing. If a board member is difficult to reach, doesn’t attend meetings, or exhibits a major misalignment with your values or with the other members of the board, it might be time to think about replacing the person.

A good board member is one who shares the mission of your organization. A passion for the issues your nonprofit is addressing will keep board members engaged even after the initial excitement has diminished. They should also have some degree of organizational or business competency and understand principles of good business practices.

Seek out people with different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and experiences to make up your board. This will fill your board with diversity and will allow you to provide new perspectives to your leaders. Board members must also be willing to how to choose the right board member for your small business play devil’s advocate and examine assumptions even if their assumptions are based on their own personal experiences.

Ask prospective board members to say how much time they are willing to commit to your board’s work and the work of its committees. Many people who are interested in joining a board underestimate the commitment required to take on the duties. During the process of vetting, it is important to uncover any other commitments that might affect their ability to serve on your board.