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How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

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If you’re an in-person or remote worker, efficient communication is vital to your success. Virtual meetings are particularly difficult to organize. But, if you follow the tips provided in this article you can make them more productive.

Keep the participants engaged right throughout the meeting. Begin the meeting by introducing an introduction to the group. For instance asking people to share their favorite moments of the week or a fact they found humorous. This creates a positive atmosphere and gives attendees something to keep in mind before getting into agenda items.

At the beginning of the meeting, assign a note-taker. It’s easy for participants to overlook key points during a remote meeting, and having a dedicated person to take notes during the meeting will help prevent any confusion. It’s important to make sure everyone takes notes, so they can revisit the information later and apply it to their work.

In a virtual meeting, it can be difficult to keep from interrupting or speaking at the same moment with another person. To avoid this encourage turn-taking, you should encourage the use of «raise your hand» in your virtual meeting software.

End your meeting with clear actions. This helps ensure that your team stays focused on the goals and decisions you make in your meetings. It’s recommended to send an overview of the results of the meeting and the action items within a few days of the conclusion of the meeting. This can be done by using a shared document, or sending an email using your meeting software.