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How to Write a Board Report

A well-written report on the board can assist a committee to effectively communicate with the entire board. To write effective reports, it is important to consider carefully how to format and present the content to ensure that board members have all the information they need to make the best decisions for the company.

While writing a board report may be challenging for some, with the right method, it’s possible to create engaging and informative committee reports that support informed decision-making and effective oversight. The following are some of the essential elements to keep in mind when preparing a board report.

1. Barbara Anderson, a non-executive board chairperson and member of four different boards insists that you clearly state the intent of your paper. This is essential to the effectiveness of any board report as it informs your busy readers if you are writing to inform, request their opinions or request a decision.

2. Avoid jargon and technical language, and be sure of https://boardroomlife.com/ the meaning of the information you share. Board members are busy and may read your report prior to answer their questions. They must be able to digest the information quickly.

3. Provide meaningful analysis and interpretation of the data that you are presenting. Data on its own will not tell a story; it must be presented with analysis and interpretation in order to give meaning to the numbers. This will make your board members aware of the benefits and challenges facing your company.