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The Difference Between Formal and Informal Meetings

Formal meetings are sometimes necessary in order to convey information to a particular department, or to the entire company as a whole. Formal meetings typically have a defined agenda, defined roles, and strict protocols. They are designed to boost efficiency and aid in making effective decisions and are accompanied by complete meeting minutes.

The person who records minutes at these meetings usually adheres to a strict procedure and uses formal language in their minutes. It may also be that there are rules on who is allowed to speak and when. These meetings may be held in a conference room however, most of them are conducted through video conferencing.

In informal meetings participants are more comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions. This can create an environment that is more cooperative and is particularly advantageous for teams that work from home or are geographically dispersed.

It is crucial for attendees to be fully engaged in informal and formal gatherings, so they can understand the information shared and perspectives which are discussed. You can achieve this engaging methods such as Q&A sessions or group discussions. Diverse perspectives can help to create more innovative solutions and more engaging discussions. Whatever the tone or format of the meeting, it is crucial to document key points and action items. This helps to ensure accountability, and serves as a document for future decisions and actions.