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The New Era of Business Software and Reporting

When you hear «business software» and «reporting,» binders full of charts, spreadsheets and footnotes could come to thoughts. Perhaps conference rooms crammed with executives ruminating over slide presentations. What’s missing in these images is the chance to create value for the business.

This is changing due to some of the digital technologies that are shaping the future of reporting. Machine learning and cognitive technology will perform the tedious work of collecting data, making reports, and distributing them. That leaves human workers free to do more definitions of digital transformation interesting things.

Utilization-based pricing is another method to allow teams to gain the benefits of the current data quicker and more effectively. By cutting down the cost of data access it allows companies to determine the value of their investment making it easier for them to increase the amount of data they use and expand their efforts.

Software companies must rethink their underlying principles of creating distribution, charging, and selling for their products if it is their intention to compete in the Age of Connected Work. Winners in this new era will evolve what is meant by being product-driven in the most literal sense; they’ll use their products as engines for acquiring customers retention, expansion, and acquisition. This will require a re-established determination to focus on the tactical and to expand their «as-a-service» offerings beyond membership rates. It will also necessitate incorporating PLG principles into the way they develop, design and distribute their products. To stay ahead of their competitors companies will need to create a robust ecosystem that includes strategy, stewardship, and architecture, and management, to harness data.